Olivia Loo

I have never been an active sporty person. Being called a workaholic by friends and family, my main focus was always on my career. I was the pharmacist manager in several large pharmacies over the years and thought nothing of doing 50+ hours a week. I did have a short stint at a gym a few years ago but as my workload increased, I stopped bothering to work out anymore. I felt pretty healthy and ate sensibly so never saw the reason why I needed to exercise. Then after a few years, my neck, shoulders and back started to ache from the 12 hour shifts. I also started to get tension headaches from the late nights of working. I knew then I had to do something as the back spasms and headaches got worse – it was definitely stress related that everything was finally catching up to me….and I didn’t want to burn out in my mid-twenties!
I went to several remedial massage therapists and they all helped but only temporarily. Slowly the pain and headaches would come back. I cut down my work hours and looked around for Pilates classes as my doctor recommended it would help with my back. At the same time, one of my best friends invited me to see her perform at PFA’s “Alice in Wonderland” show in August this year. My friend had been doing pole danicng for years at PFA and she would often try to get me to come watch her – but I always had the same lame excuse “Sorry I’m working!”
However, this time I went to the “Alice” performance and I was simply blown away! I knew what kind of dance I was expecting since I’ve seen my friend work on her tricks on her pole at home, but to actually see a choreographed, live performance with costumes and music had me in awe. There were women in all shapes, sizes and ages doing beautiful and sensual routines on the pole who were toned, fit and strong! Something inside me suddenly wanted to be like that – graceful, toned and strong, all the while showing a bit of sexy! I thought about it for a while then decided to sign up for Beginners class – what have I got to lose? And then after that, the rest is history!
I loved my first class and didn’t care about the bruises running up and down my legs – I was having way too much fun! Lacking the upper body strength needed for pole, I joined the gym with my fitness fanatic husband, and started with a personal trainer on weights. To my surprise, I now actually enjoy going to the gym and working out since I feel better and stronger. The more I did pole and gym, the better I became until I now no longer have backaches and headaches. Even though I am still working on getting stronger on the pole, I am enjoying the challenge and every bruise is worth it! I also take Pilates classes at PFA – they ache and workout the core muscles I never knew I had before! Pole has given me a new outlook on life and finally a new hobby outside of just my work!
Thank you to the patient and very talented PFA instructors who have made the studio such a warm and welcoming environment no matter how many times I face new challenges, couldn’t do a trick or just acted plain uncoordinated, I still give it another go because every obstacle is just one step closer to actually being able to do it. And that is why pole dancing is just so damn addictive while being so good for you!!

“Since starting pole at Pole Fitness Australia almost one year ago my life has changed in so many ways, I don’t even know where to begin. From the moment we stepped in the door we were greeted by a bunch of friendly, FUN ladies who are always smiling, encouraging and up for a good laugh! In our first ever class I was surprised to find such a mixed group of women of all different ages and sizes. After an hour I was absolutely exhausted, but couldn’t remember the last time I had so much fun exercising! Before long I found myself counting down the days till I could be in the studio again. (Seriously addictive!)

- Olivia Loo