Boutique Pole Courses

Exotic Move
The art of the Showgirl. A unique class that will captivate the more advanced student. Put your body to the test. All who take this class are a little more in tune with their inner Goddess!

Focuses on being sexy and the basics of lap dancing and strip tease. You will learn to be seductive, flirty and sexy. Release your inner TIGER.

Learn the basic concepts of ‘anchor’ and ‘flyer’. Work as a team to explore trust, synchronisation and a range of doubles tricks. Not a requirement to join with a partner.

A sassy, classy routine with a little bit of cheek and a whole lot of style. The introduction of props adds to your dancing style.

Spinners – Using the spinning poles is not as easy as it looks – but it is indeed the magical look of the spinning pole that attracts and mesmerises us. Spinners now are integrated into our standard courses for all levels. All of them are about beauty, grace and control – and a great workout of course!