Private Pole Dance Lessons

Polefitness Australia offers private pole dance lessons with a tailored approach to your learning.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals with our Private Pole Dancing Classes

Pole dancing has received somewhat of an image makeover in recent years. However, if you’re not ready to join a group or are worried about your strength, why not try one-on-one pole dancing lessons with an instructor? Pole dancing may be the perfect way to achieve fantastic fitness results and have loads of fun!

With private dancing private lessons, you can experience the rapid learning of technique and pole tricks with your instructor. Your instructor will personalise a development programme for your specific needs, help you set your goals, and ensure they are achieved. It’s a beneficial way to progress rapidly, learn safely, and achieve those moves/tricks that seemed impossible.

What Private Pole Classes in Brisbane Provide that Group Classes Don’t

When you take a private pole dancing class, you will have the opportunity to work with a personal instructor who can tailor their approach to best meet your needs. This is ideal for many individuals for the following reasons:

Goal achievement

If you’re an actively goal-driven person, having someone in your corner to help keep you accountable.

Customised workout routines

Personal instructors can develop a plan for you based on your individual fitness needs.

Don’t have enough time

Our pole dancing private lessons can be structured around your schedule so you can get the best of both worlds in your own time.

Fun with your Girlfriends

Private pole classes are available for up to three people per session if you want to train with your friends and have a good laugh. It’s a great exercise for motivation, and we’ll still tailor the sessions to each person’s individual needs.

How it Works

You can schedule a private class with an instructor while participating in one of our six-week group courses. Alternatively, you can book one on your own, either for yourself or with up to two friends. Private pole dance lessons at Polefitness Australia are the most flexible way to receive pole dancing instruction in Brisbane.

In your first session, we’ll discuss your goals, what you’d like to achieve, and any injuries or limitations. After that, we’ll support you with your training every step of the way.

Our Pricing

  • 1 person, $75/hr
  • 2 people, $105/hr
  • 3 people, $120/hr

Discounts apply for multiple classes purchased in advance.

With so many options to help step up your exercise routine, there’s something for everyone at Polefitness Australia. So, contact us today to speak with our staff and discover the most suitable pole dancing class for you.