Pole Dancing Lessons

Local Brisbane Studio offers Professional Pole Dancing Lessons and Classes

While many still prefer the traditional gym routines, many want something different. For those who wish to elevate their fitness level and enhance their experience, there’s pole dancing.

At Polefitness Australia, we offer professional pole dancing classes and personalised lessons in Brisbane and the surrounding areas that surpass any group exercise class you’ve experienced.

Who Can Benefit from Pole Dancing Lessons?

You don’t have to be a professional pole dancer or have any experience to reap the following benefits of this new exercise regime:

  • Easy Choreographed Movements: Through a series of planned movements, students and gym-lovers alike can enjoy a high-intensity strength building routine that combines core strength training movements and fun music.
  • Effective Whole-Body Workout: Our newcomer lessons and professional pole dancing classes offer personalised instruction for most fitness and experience levels. We also provide a Boutique Course which is more geared toward the advanced or professional dancer.
  • Exciting Routines: Using upbeat music and props, we aim to create a unique and thrilling workout that is both stimulating and strength building.

Whether you’re just beginning to explore the pole dance workout, or are a skilled athlete or professional pole dancer, we have a class for you. Give us a call to get started today and dance your way to better health.