Pole Courses

Pole dancing is an effective way to get what you want! Having taught many students we know you want fitness, body tone, fun, cardio and strengthening workouts and you want to love your body. A side effect of pole dancing is that you can become sexy too!

You can be any age, size, build and flexibility. We encourage all ladies and a dance background is not necessary. We have courses to suit absolute beginners through to advanced and showtime girls.

These 6 weeks courses are NOT casual classes and require you to be booked in for the term.




Catering for all novices to the pole, beginners is an introductory course to pole dancing. No fitness level or dance background required. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to already be strong to start pole dancing. All you need is the desire to have fun and get fit, we’ll help you with the rest.

This course includes your one 1-hour structured class each week, unlimited training time on our practice poles whenever our studio is open, and Open Practice sessions with an instructor on the weekend.

Cost per 6-week course is $180. Student/concession cardholder discounts ($10 off) are also available.



Intermediate 1

Intermediate 1 is a “Bridging class” preparing beginners for the challenge of more advance moves through a beautiful routine. In Intermediate 1 you’ll be concentrating on perfecting your beginner moves as well as introducing you to more challenging moves to increase your strength and co-ordination.

Intermediate 2 

 After Intermediate 1 you should be feeling more confident as you climb and spin around the pole. Intermediate 2 is a sassy routine but it’s also the level where we ensure your body is strong and ready for the challenges ahead as it’s the level before students begin to invert on the pole. Safety first!

Intermediate 3

Intermediate 3 represents a ‘rite of passage’ between the lower and upper levels of pole. It is here that students will be going upside down on the pole for the very first time. It’s also a time to get in touch with your inner goddess as you learn this sensual routine.

Intermediate 4   

 It’s time to spin! Intermediate 4 is a beautiful routine that will help you master the spinning pole and increase your strength and control before entering the advanced levels.

Cost per 6-week course is $209. Student/concession cardholder discounts ($10 off) are also available.




Advance 1 

So you’ve got the basics of pole dancing! It’s now time to enter the advanced levels! Our advanced levels are divided into 2 terms of 6 weeks each. The first term focuses on tricks at an advanced level specialising in correct technique. The second term allows you to showcase your skills by incorporating these tricks into an impressive strength-building routine.

Advance 2

Advance 2 further develops advanced techniques and skills and introduces new tricks which demand strength and flexibility.

Advance 3

By now you will be learning a high level of inverted tricks with control, the choreography is challenging and great cardio training and stamina.

Advance 4

You made it!! Rock out to this awesome routine as you take a bow for making it to the top of our structured levels before you branch off into competition level tricks in Showcase.

Cost per 6-week course is $209. Student/concession cardholder discounts ($10 off) are also available.





This is the competition preparation level. You will learn new competition level tricks and understand aspects required to compete at a professional level.


Perform a story, create amazing combinations, evolve your own portfolio of tricks. Showtime is where you get to celebrate and show off your skills!

Showtime Elite

When you get to national level tricks, this is the class for you! This class is only taught by instructors who have competed and performed at a national level themselves so they are well equipped to guide and advance your training. This class is for those working at the highest of levels.

Cost per 6-week course is $219. Student/concession cardholder discounts ($10 off) are also available.