I’m unfit. What level of fitness is required before I can take classes?

None! Our beginner courses and classes are designed to get you fit and teach you how to pole dance and you only advance at your own pace. You don’t need any experience to join our courses and classes.

How do I book in?

Simply book your classes and courses online here or email polefitnessaustralia@gmail.com or give us a call on 0434612199

How do I pay?

Payment is made through our booking page or at reception before course commencement. Our studios require payment in full at the start of each course in order to secure your pole for the term.

Is there a concession discount?

We offer student and concessional discounts. You must provide Student ID or concessional ID card at studio to access this discount.

What do I wear?

Please wear a singlet and short shorts (shorter than bike pants) as we rely on direct skin contract with the pole for grip. No body or hand lotion please. Heels are not necessary in any of our courses or classes!

Can I do more than one course per term?

We encourage our students to spend as much time on the pole as possible and taking 2 courses in a term is a great way to reach your pole dancing goals faster. You will get a 20% off for the second course in the same term. No further discount applies.

I can’t make one of my beginner classes, what happens?

If you are booked into a beginner course timeslot and are not able to make one session then please contact our studio ASAP. We will try to move you into another timeslot that week but please be aware these courses are often very full we can never guarantee this. Your class will not ‘roll over’ to the next term, and if you can’t make another course time we are not able to offer casual classes in places of missed course sessions. Please be aware that we are open on Public Holidays.

Do you offer anything for males?

At Pole Fitness Australia we offer an inclusive space, where everyone is welcome! All of our classes are open to anyone who wants to give pole fitness a go.

I’m under 18 years old, can I take classes at Pole Fitness?

Yes, but you will need parental consent.