Pole Dancing Group Classes

Join pole dancing group classes at Polefitness Australia to elevate your life and make new friends.

How Pole Dancing Group Classes in Brisbane Can Help You Get in Shape

Sometimes it is hard to stay motivated when working out alone. That’s why it can help to try a new routine alongside others, such as with a group pole dancing class in Brisbane’s northside at Polefitness Australia.

No matter how long it’s been since you last worked out, it’s never too late to try pole dancing. If any of the following ring true for you, now may be the perfect time to start pole dancing group classes:

You Have Trouble Sleeping

Not being active enough can seriously affect your body’s ability to sleep. A pole dancing workout may help you fall and stay asleep more effectively.

Your Back Hurts

Lower back pain is often a sign of a weak core. So guess what is ideal for targeting your core muscles? You’ve guessed it, pole dancing!

Your Appetite Gets the Better of You

If you’re constantly hungry, it may mean your energy levels are out of whack. Regular exercise helps manage your energy and blood sugar levels.

You’re Stressed

You can quickly get anxious, annoyed, or depressed when you’re stressed. Pole dancing, or any form of movement, will cause your body to produce pleasure chemicals. A good pole dancing workout will leave you feeling happier and calmer.

Low Metabolic Rate

As your body tones and strengthens, your muscles eat up more energy, even when not being actively used. As a result, this speeds up your metabolism, which is essential for weight loss. For example, you can burn around 250-300 calories in a standard pole dancing group class.

Low Motivation

Pole dancing group classes are great because they hold you accountable, and you make new friends and find a new community. For many of our students, pole dancing classes are the highlight of their week.

Get Out of Your Fitness Slump with Group Pole Dancing Classes in Brisbane

You may be able to tackle these and other issues caused by a sedentary lifestyle when you join a group pole dancing class at Polefitness Australia. Working with our highly qualified trainers over a six-week course allows you to improve your health and feel better overall.

Besides these benefits, group pole dancing lessons are also a lot of fun, and many people appreciate having the social outlet they provide. To learn more about how a six-week course from Polefitness Australia can help you get your fitness plans on track, check our schedule to see how you can book a class.