Pole Classes for Every Woman

Welcome to Polefitness Australia, where we offer quality pole classes in Brisbane.

What is Pole?

Pole dance is a sport that combines dance and acrobatics centred on a vertical pole. Whether you try it for sport or a form of self-expression, it’s thrilling to both watch and perform.
Pole classes offer a fantastic way to get fit, toned, build lean muscle, and get a great cardio workout, all whilst having fun! No more boring gym workouts. Pole is for everyone regardless of age, shape, size, or strength.

Pole fitness offers a fantastic way to get fit, toned, build lean muscle as well as giving you a fantastic cardio work out, and all this whilst having fun! No more boring gym workouts. Pole is for everyone irrespective of age, shape, size or strength.

The world-renowned pole syllabus of Ecole de Pole is offered exclusively in Australia at PFA. This syllabus is based on the techniques and extensive knowledge of the Ecole de Pole accredited instructor courses. This is the only Australian-owned instructor training certification approved by Fitness Australia, the American Council on Exercise and Pole Dance Community UK & Europe. Created by UK champion and global pole industry pioneer Justine McLucas, the curriculum offers the highest standard techniques with the safest teaching methods. Our PFA instructors are all qualified Ecole de Pole Master Trainers, here to help you achieve your goals.

Our studios are clean, air-conditioned, and equipped with 21 x 4m high poles.
Come to join our pole family, and make friends for life both in and out of the studio.
Please note that we require parental consent for all students under 18.

Treat Yourself to Pole Dance Training in Brisbane

Do images of painful exercises run through your mind when you think of working out? Wouldn’t it be more fun to make friends, experience a fun community and dance your way to fitness?

Pole dance training in Brisbane is a better way to get into shape. At Polefitness Australia, we provide people of all fitness levels with a new way to get fit while having fun.

What to Expect from a Pole Dance Lesson

With pole dance training in Brisbane, you can expect the following:

Total Body Workout

You use all your muscles with pole dancing and strengthen the core, arms, and legs. The endurance-enhancing moves will create a more flexible physique in no time.

Increased Balance

Pole dancing requires lifting your entire body using your arm strength and balance. After a few lessons, you may notice improved balance and more flexibility.

Boost Core Strength

It’s no secret that a strong core helps sitting, standing, and general movement as we age. Pole classes help to build a stronger core in a few weeks.

Fun and Exhilarating Experience

With pole dancing, you won’t even feel like you’re exercising, as the moves are pleasurable and challenging.

What to Expect from Your First Class

Remember, It Takes Time

We all start from somewhere. All the gorgeous ladies doing inverts and pole climbs were once beginners too. So don’t be intimidated! Enjoy the experience and watch yourself improve.


You’ll see ladies wearing bras and panties for pole classes. To grip the pole, bare skin is needed. If you’re not comfortable, that’s okay! Wear shorts, leggings, and a singlet. It may take time, but you’ll become more confident as time goes on.

In Your Own Time

Pole will be new to many people, so don’t expect perfection from the get-go. It’s easy to compare yourself to others, but learning takes time. We encourage you to do only what you feel comfortable doing, and our skilled instructors will be here to support you every step of the way.

A Different Kind of Fitness

Our friendly instructors are knowledgeable, encouraging and focused on creating a positive environment that fosters creativity and friendship. Whether in acceptable shape or learning to exercise for the first time in years, pole dancing classes and lessons can bring you to a new fitness level.

Give Polefitness Australia a call today to try a pole class. Treat yourself to increased stamina, a stronger core, and more confidence.


Learning the Basics