Why It’s Time You Considered Trying Pole Dancing for Beginners

Pole dancing has attracted much interest as a form of fitness in recent years, so it’s unsurprising that so many people are curious about how to get started. Here’s a brief guide to what you can expect from your first class, such as one offered through Polefitness Australia.

Common Mistakes to Avoid with Pole Dancing for Beginners

If you’ve never stepped into a pole dancing class before, it’s understandable that you may not be sure how things will go. Here are some ways you can avoid the common slip-ups that many beginners face:

  • Being Too Hard on Yourself: Let’s face it, when you first try pole dancing you’ll probably not feel or look as graceful as you might hope. The good news? When you take a class with other beginners, you can rest assured that everyone else feels the same way!
  • Trying to Do Too Much at Once: Pole dancing can be an intense workout. Be sure to listen to your body and step things back if you start to feel uncomfortable.
  • Not Recharging: What you do when you’re not pole dancing is just as important as when you are working out. Be sure to recharge afterward with water, rest, and a healthy snack.

When you take a 6-week Beginner’s course at Polefitness Australia, you will receive one hour of instruction a week, plus unlimited training time on our practice poles and Open Practice with our experienced instructors on weekends.

At Polefitness Australia, we want to see you get in great shape and feel fantastic. Come and see how our highly-trained instructors can help you get surprising results in an open and friendly environment. Contact us today to get started with your introductory class for beginners.