Room A Room B  Aerial Courses*
Monday 6pm Intermediate 4

7pm Advanced 2(T)

8pm Beginners

 6pm Pole PT (C) (45mins)

7pm Stop, Drop & Splits* (20th &27th May)

7pm Low Flow* (3rd &10th June)





6pm Advanced 4(T)

7pm Advanced Spinner

8pm Showcase (1.5hr)



8pm Core Express (C) (30mins)

6pm Silks Beginners

7pm Lyra all levels


Wednesday 6pm Intermediate 2

7pm Intermediate 3

8pm Showtime (1.5hr)

6pm Intermediate 1

7pm ABT (C) (Abs, Butts and Thighs! 45mins)

 8pm Men’s Pole*

Thursday 6pm Freestyle (C)

7pm Pilates and Stretch (C)

8pm Beginners 






Saturday 9am Open Practice (2hrs)

11am Freestyle (C)

12pm Stretch & Flex (C)


(C) Casual Classes: all casual classes are open to any level of fitness and ability.

*Aerial course: $160. Book as your second course (in the same term) and it is only $128. Entire payment sum required upfront due to the limited space.

*Special course Men’s Pole: $180.

*Stop, Drop & Split: Special two weeks course. $25. An intensive in stretching techniques! Stretch the hip flexors, hamstrings, shoulders and back to work toward better splits and lines in all your pole moves! You do not have to be able to be anywhere near a split for this class – options for all levels of flexibility will be given from Beginners to Advanced! ALL LEVELS WELCOME.

*Low FlowSpecial two weeks course. $40. Low Flow Slink, Flow, walk over, spin down, spin up, twirl round, roll over; linking and moving round the lower half of the pole to the ground, using simple handstand and linking flows to create shapes and movement round the base of the pole and floor! Suitable for those that have started working on handstands against the pole – Upper Inter/ADV up to Showtime students – options and drills will be given! Check out some low floor and handstand combos on Justine’s Insta page for inspiration for this 2 week workshop intensive!

Private lessons, Hen’s, Birthday and other functions available, please email  polefitnessaustralia@gmail.com

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